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  • Function of cylinder head gasket and material

    The head gasket is a vital component within the combustible engine. The head gasket ensures the pressure created from the spark plug’s ignition of fuel vapors remain within the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber contains the pistons and needs a high amount of pre...
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  • Material used for Oil Seal

    1. The oil seal consists of a metal ring as the inner skeleton which provides the structural stability to the oil seal. 2. The outer skin is made of nitrile rubber and various other materials which are used based on the requirement. 3. The spring on the lip of the oil se...
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  • How to replace the valve cover gasket

    Ø Remove Engine Cover First, you need to remove the engine cover. The mechanic will have to remove the plastic engine cover to access the valve cover. Next, they will remove the necessary components. On most four-cylinder engines, the valve cover can usually be reached a...
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